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Nuba Homes specializes in providing installation services as well as supplies of premium quality natural stones and tiles for commercial and residential building projects. Founded in 2007 and since grown to become an established and reputable firm for installing only the top quality natural stones and tiles while providing their clients with excellent and modified services in choosing the right stones and tiles for each venture...

Our team consists of goal-oriented and passionate workers who show enthusiasm, providing our clients with the best service from us as we are committed to serve each purpose and concern of our customers for continued success of our company..

To become the top and leading company in the marble, granite and tiles industry that offers only the finest collection of high-quality products and superior craftsmanship to the clients. We also aim to achieve far-above-theground status of providing satisfaction to the clients and services that will be highly appreciated by the customers. This vision will be made possible by the commitment, enthusiasm, and competence of our people.

To provide top-quality services to every patron by providing them only the finest customer service in regards to our natural stone and tiles materials. We aspire to provide clients with innovations with the designs and concepts we employ in each of our projects. We aim to gain our customer’s loyalty and continued support by providing them with highly satisfactory products and services.

What we do

Here are the services we provide

Nuba Homes

Marble & Granite

Flooring, wall cladding, staircases, counters and artificial works...

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Nuba Homes

Gypsum Works

Includes decorative ceilings, decorative walls, dry walls and ceiling tiles...

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Nuba Homes

Paint & Furniture

We also supply premium quality paint and furniture suited to your needs...

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Scope of service

Here are some of our expertise

Pre-Design Services and Consultancy

Includes engaging in discussions with the clients, architects and builders before preferences are made. We make sure that we give you only the best tips and advices in choosing the right kind of stone and tiles needed for a particular project.

Budgeting, Estimating and Bidding

We also take into consideration the individual aspects required for each project we are working on. We want to give our customers the assurance that we can handle the complete scope of the project.

Shop Drawings

We always give our best to produce a very detailed and accurate layout of the project. We also provide descriptions for each material required for the implementation of the assignment.


Comprise all the possible means and ways to protect the clients from any property and personal damages. Our team will bring assurance to the customers that damages can be made impossible with careful calculations.

Stone Supply and Installation

Our supplies came from both local and foreign firms . We guarantee the quality selection, delivery schedules and importing of the required materials.


We carefully choose each setter and we see to it that each of them are well-trained and experienced in this field. We also aim excellent results with the installation of each natural stone and tiles in building projects by careful supervision during the process.

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